My Approach to Grief Counselling

Grief can be very challenging, confusing and distressing for you to deal with. Grief Counselling can help you process that grief. Furthermore, grief is not something that completely resolves, but something that you come to terms with. The pain and suffering usually starts to lessen over time with moments of grief that come up when something reminds you of the loss.

Grief is the response to loss, and it encompasses a broad range of feelings, cognitions, physical sensations, and behavioural changes. It can come from losses beyond the death of a loved one, such as the loss of an ideal/dream (partner changed after marriage, raising a child alone, not being able to have children), loss of ability (due to accident or medical condition), loss of wellness, loss of connection or belonging, loss of safety/security, or the loss of a pet. Ultimately, it is the process of coming to terms with a loss. There is a dance that involves the non-linear process of grief. As a matter of fact, there is no particular journey that grief takes, each individual has their own experience. Consequently, it can also be difficult when your way of processing grief is different from loved ones.

Grief Therapy

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Working with You where You are in your Journey

My approach to grief counselling starts with working with you where you are in your journey with loss. If needed, I may give psychoeducation or techniques to help you in your journey. I will work with you and your grief as a listener with compassion. I am a witness to your pain. If you lost a loved one, I am a witness to the love you had for the person you lost as well as someone who is walking with you as you come to terms with the loss. On the other hand, if you have conflicting feelings about the loss, I can provide a safe, empathic and understanding place for you to process those feelings. If you lost something else, I am a witness to how much that thing meant to you and someone you can talk to figure out the next step in your life without that loss.

Grief Counselling can Help You with the 4 Tasks of Grieving

The 4 Tasks of Grieving are:

  1. To accept the reality of the loss.
  2. To process the pain of grief.
  3. To adjust to a world without the person/thing you lost.
  4. To find a way to remember while embarking on the rest of one’s journey through life.

I am here for the part of the journey that you wish for me to be a part of. Whether it is the processing of the pain and readjustment after loss or something else. I will be there as a witness and support as you process your grief. I will be there to listen and hear you as you deal with the world you live in after the loss and the struggles to figure it out.

Grief is never easy and there is no one way to do it. Sometimes you need some help along the way and that’s okay. That is why I approach grief counselling the way I do.

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