Areas of Expertise

Chronic Pain, Trauma, Emotional Neglect, and Nervous System Dysregulation do not often stand alone. They are often co-occurring disorders with each other or with other conditions, such as depression, anxiety, grief, self-harm, suicidality, substance use disorders, and behavioural addictions. In addition, I have had some training in those other areas so that I can serve you better.

Areas of Expertise

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Co-occurring Conditions and Treatment

For chronic pain and trauma, they often share the same neural networks in the brain, so when you treat one you may end up treating the other. Someone who has a trauma background or PTSD is more likely to develop chronic pain. Threat and fear are aspects that can drive both trauma and chronic pain.

Trauma and emotional neglect are often causes of nervous system dysregulation. Nervous system dysregulation can be an influencer for chronic pain. As the nervous system gets regulated, the world feels safer and the pain goes down. Additionally, as you treat the trauma and emotional neglect, it is easier to regulate the nervous system.

Depression and anxiety are conditions that can interfere with recovery from trauma and chronic pain so often, it can be beneficial to treat them alongside the primary concerns. They are also conditions that usually improve as you find healing for the trauma and chronic pain.

Substance use and self-harm are tools that trauma and chronic pain sufferers use to help them deal with their pain. We may want to make sure you have the resources and some healing before we try to change those behaviours that are helping you cope with the pain and trauma in your life. It will be easier to prevent relapses, if you have the resources, plans, and healing on board.

On the positive side, the strategies that work for trauma, also work for emotional neglect, chronic pain and nervous system dysregulation as well as some of the other conditions.

Grief’s Role

Grief can be a part of each of these conditions. Due to losses, from the condition on your daily life, activities and relationships. We can make space for grief as needed. The things we may grieve also may lessen as healing occurs.

The Healing Process

The healing process with co-occurring conditions is like a symphony where we may be working on one than one condition at the same time and at other times, focusing on only one. It is a give and take focusing on the overall treatment plan and the needs of the moment.