My Approach to Grief Therapy

Grief can be very challenging, confusing and distressing for you to deal with. Grief therapy can help you process that grief. Furthermore, grief is not something that completely resolves, but something that you come to terms with. The pain and suffering usually starts to lessen over time with moments of grief that come up whenContinue reading “My Approach to Grief Therapy”

How Can a Therapist Help Improve Your Sleep?

There are several ways that counselling help you improve your sleep. Therapists often know the background to why certain items are listed on sleep hygiene lists and help you figure out how to use them to get you a better sleeping pattern. Some of the things listed on sleep hygiene lists are not practical forContinue reading “How Can a Therapist Help Improve Your Sleep?”

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

There are many benefits of virtual therapy, but also some drawbacks. Both virtual therapy and in-person therapy have been found to have similar rates of effectiveness in studies that compared them for the same type of therapy. It is important to figure out what works best for you rather than just relying on what theContinue reading “The Benefits of Virtual Therapy”

The Benefits of Trauma Counselling

There are a number of benefits that trauma counselling, also known as trauma therapy, can bring to your life. It can help you understand why you are reacting in the way you are. It can help you gain more control over your life. Trauma Counselling can help you find yourself or get back to whoContinue reading “The Benefits of Trauma Counselling”

How Much Trust Do I Need to Find Success in Therapy?

Please realize you do not need to completely trust your therapist to find healing.Often people have had a lot of damage in the past due to trauma or past betrayal and you have learned that people cannot be trusted. Do not feel that you cannot do therapy. The amount of trust you need is theContinue reading “How Much Trust Do I Need to Find Success in Therapy?”