Counselling Services

I am currently only offering video counselling, with occasional telephone counselling for regular clients on vacation or when there is technology issues. I am not able to offer in-person sessions at this point.

15-minute Telephone/Video Consultation – Free

This free consultation is to provide us a chance to talk and figure out if we are a good match, talk about expectations and procedures, and set-up the first session.

Individual Virtual Counselling – 50 minutes $150+GST

Extended EMDR Virtual Counselling – 90 Minutes $225+GST

Counselling will be provided through Owl Practice telehealth platform or Zoom.

I offer a sliding scale that is based on availability for those who cannot afford my full rate. Please discuss this with me either during a free 15-minute video/phone consultation or through email.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Option 1: $250+GST (includes intake session, remote access, and email support). The SSP is done alongside your weekly or biweekly sessions and costs $250+GST additionally.

Option 2: $750+GST (Includes intake session and 1 additional supplemental session, remote access, and email support). The SSP is done alongside monthly sessions and costs $750+GST additionally.

Both these options covers access to the program, and the time your therapist spends outside of counselling sessions monitoring and supporting you through email and/or secure messaging. It covers up to 4 repeats of the SSP Core (needs to be 6-8 weeks between repeats of SSP Core) and continued use of SSP balance after finishing the complete SSP. Sliding scale is also available for the SSP, contact me to find out more.

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I am a counselling service provider for ICBC. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and qualify for counselling through ICBC. I can direct bill ICBC your counselling fees (I do not charge ICBC clients for the part of my full fee that ICBC does not cover). ICBC does not pay for missed sessions.

ICBC covers up to 12 sessions within 12 weeks of your MVA. After that, ICBC may cover more sessions based on approval. I can help you navigate through the process.

First Nations Health Authority

I am a service provider for counselling with First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). If you qualify for counselling through FNHA, I can provide counselling and FNHA will pay for it. FNHA does not pay for missed sessions.


Many health insurance policies cover counselling. Please make sure that your insurance policy covers Registered Clinical Counsellors prior to our first session. I currently do not have any agreements with insurance companies for direct payments besides those mentioned above.

Please let me know if you have limitations as far as the amount of sessions (such as insurance for only 8-12 sessions or financial limitations), so we can form a treatment plan around what you are able to do. There are also options available for people who cannot afford the full price of sessions.

Telehealth Platform

Owl Practice is a telehealth platform based in Canada that uses bank-level encryption (SSL) to fully encrypt data to keep your data safe and our sessions confidential.

I also do sessions on Zoom upon request.


I have availability Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and afternoons, and Saturday mornings. I allow for direct booking though my Owl Portal or you can book through email. I also have other availability upon request.


I can accept clients for virtual counselling from anywhere in British Columbia or other provinces in which counselling is not regulated. The provinces where counselling is regulated (and I cannot accept clients from due to regulations there) are Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about my counselling services.