Grief can be a difficult burden for you to bear. At times, it can be confusing and distressing because you are not able to focus on the things you are used to. You may feel a range of feelings and thoughts, such as denial, anger, sadness, bargaining, depression, despair, and emptiness. The pain and sadness can be profound at the beginning with a sense of lost hope and/or direction.

Grief is the response to loss, and it encompasses a broad range of feelings, cognitions, physical sensations, and behavioural changes. It can involve your process of coming to terms with a loss in a non-linear way. There is no particular journey that it takes, as each individual has their own experience. It also can be difficult when your way of processing grief is different from loved ones.

Grief is not just the loss of a loved one. It also can involve the loss of ideals or dreams, loss of ability or wellness, loss of connection or belonging, loss of a pet, or other losses. Each of these comes with their own challenges and struggles.

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Often your grief needs to be witnessed and heard. This need can be difficult to fulfill in a society that is often grief-adverse and uncomfortable with showing of emotion. Therapy can be a place where your grief can be witnessed and a place where it is safe to process the loss and the pain. Here your pain and emotions are welcome. Your questions and concerns are answered with compassion and care with the knowledge that they are an important part of you coming to terms with the loss.

I will work with you where you are in your journey with grief. If needed, I may give psychoeducation or techniques to help you in your journey. I will work with you and your grief as a listener with compassion. Please invite me to take part in the next stage of your healing journey by booking a consultation or contacting me with any questions or concerns.

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