Nervous System Dysregulation

Nervous System Dysregulation can be very distressing. You may find yourself reacting and/or overly sensitive to sensory stimuli. You may find this limiting or controlling your life and causing additional health problems in the future as your body has dealt with too high of a level stress for too long.

When your nervous system is regulated, you spend most of your time in a more relaxed and calm state and if you experience something that activates your threat system, you are able to return to a relaxed and calm state. When your system is dysregulated, it does not work the way it is supposed to, and you need to use techniques to help the nervous system return to a regulated state. Often this is due your nervous system being overly reactive to threats or perceived threats. Additionally, your nervous system can get stuck in a dysregulated state, in this situation, you needs help to get to a regulated state.

Symptoms of Nervous System Dysregulation

You may find yourself…

  • Being reactive, on edge, sensitive, or tense.
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Being often overwhelmed or overstimulated.
  • Having sleep issues, chronic pain, or illness, including skin, gut, immune, and hormonal problems.
  • Highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, such as sounds, scents, and light.
  • Constantly anxious, agitated, or worried.
  • Feeling frozen or stuck.

It can come from traumatic experiences, adverse childhood experiences, emotional neglect, or due to insufficient regulation in a person’s developmental years.

Areas of Expertise Nervous System Dysregulation

Benefits of Therapy for Nervous System Dysregulation

Some of the benefits you can experience from working with a counsellor with the goal of regulating your nervous system are…

  • Reduction in pain and other symptoms that are due to the nervous system dysregulation.
  • Ability to return yourself into a more relaxed, calm and peaceful state.
  • Gain more control over your inner state.
  • Better able to connect with others and improve your relationships.
  • Gaining a better quality of life.

How Therapy Can Regulate Your Nervous System

In therapy, we can retrain the brain. We can use techniques to teach it that it doesn’t need to react in the ways it is. Likewise, we can help it get used to feelings of contentment and safety. We can train the brain to get used to pathways of regulation instead of dysregulation.

The Next Step

We will work together to decide the direction that works best for you to pursue the healing of your nervous system dysregulation. I am trained in multiple techniques, including cognitive and mindfulness-based techniques, that can help you get your nervous system regulated. Please invite me to take part in the next stage of your healing journey by booking a consultation or contacting me with any questions or concerns.

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