Present Moment Grounding Techniques

Present moment grounding techniques can help to anchor you to the present and help you find solid ground. They can help you when you’re experiencing trauma triggers, especially ones in which the past feels like the present. The reminder of the current date and time and the separation of the past event can help you pull out of the trauma reaction.

Present Moment Grounding Techniques

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Types of Present Moment Grounding Techniques

Situate yourself. Repeat to yourself today’s date, the day of the week, month, year, time of day, and where you are currently. Remind yourself that you are safe in the moment, not in the past, and right now you are safe. Notice the season it is outside, and what the sky looks like. Name the street you are on and the postal code/zip code.

Now and plans for the day. Remind yourself of who you are now. Your name, age, occupation. Where you are. What you did today and what you are going to do next and later today.

What is going on? Remind yourself where you are and today’s date. Acknowledge that you are feeling the emotions, thoughts, or body sensations from the trauma coming into the present.

Separation from the past. If you know when the trauma trigger is coming from, it can be useful to name that period in time and remind yourself of today’s date. Remind yourself that “It is no longer… and I am safe now.” Furthermore, reminding yourself how things are different now from the period of time in the trauma happened can further solidify the present moment.

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