Online Trauma and Chronic Pain Counselling in British Columbia.

Online counselling in British Columbia for Chronic Pain, Emotional Neglect, and Trauma

Are You…
  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma and what you have tried before hasn’t been enough.
  • Experiencing a sense of dissatisfaction or emptiness that doesn’t seem to go away.
  • Finding yourself struggling with feelings, memories or thoughts that keep coming back.
  • Dealing with chronic pain and want to get more out of your life.
  • Sense that your life could be better, you could have more meaning and potential, but you can’t seem to get there.
There’s Something Behind Your Struggles
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Chronic stress, trauma, and emotional neglect are some of the root causes for long-standing mental and emotional struggles. Whatever you have tried before may not have worked because it did not address the root cause.

We can work together to discover what is behind your suffering and address it through different techniques that help to heal the deep wounds. Some of the techniques I use are CBT, DBT, EMDR, and Pain Reprocessing Therapy.

There is a path for less suffering and we can work together to get you there.

Let’s Take the Next Step of Your Healing Journey

Change is possible. We can work together to find a better way for you to reach your full potential. We will pursue a healing journey for you based on your needs, values, and experiences.

Please book a free 15-minute consultation or contact me, so we can discuss your struggles and how I can help you.

Hello. I’m Leona Westra,

and I have a lived experience with trauma, chronic pain and emotional neglect. I have a caring, empathetic, patient, and honest approach that focuses on addressing the root causes of your suffering. I care about making the healing process effective and respectful to your needs.

We can find the missing pieces, bring understanding to your struggles, and work on healing the wounds that are holding you back. Together we can work towards a better future for you.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are provided online and can accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone. Online counselling sessions also allow you to be able to be in a more comfortable position or with things that comfort you.

Leona Westra Counselling

Online counselling services for trauma, emotional neglect and chronic pain.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns:

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Please book a free 15-minute consultation or a session from my booking page or contact me via email to find out more.